Thursday, 1 October 2015

Jerebu di Pantai Teluk Kalong


near (behind)
Sekolah Rendah Teluk Kalong,
Kampung Teluk Kalong,
24100 Kemaman,

On the second day of Aidil Adha 2015, the haze was bad in my 'village'. This picture was taken around 8 o'clock in the morning. Hoping that it was morning fog but actually it was the haze. Huhuu.. Lucky enough to watch the fishermen went out to sea. Mencari rezeki sesuap nasi walaupun jerebu melanda. 

And nothing can stop us from having fun at the beach. It was my husband's first time ever being here, in my kampung and at the beach. So glad that I had the chance to take him to my favorite place.

Picnic is the best therapy! There was no one at the beach except us that day. Pantai ini ana yang punya! Brought lemang and serunding from home. Beraya berdua di pantai. Others were still in bed. Hihii..

Al-kisah lemang di hari raya. My aunt bought us lemang on the first day of raya at Bangsal Lemang Kijal. RM5 sebatang lemang dan rm12 sebekas serunding. Fiuhh.. naik harga! But on the second day of raya, I get 3 batang lemang for RM10 and the serunding for only RM5. Wow! So much difference in just 2 days!

The water was so crystal clear but the atmosphere was so hazy. Used to see big ships on the horizon but this time nothing. Grey view! During monsoon season, this beach is famous among surfers because it provides them with big waves but not as big as those Hawaii waves. Enough for surfers to surf to the shore. Kikii.. You can meet surfers from Singapore, Korea, Japan during that time. 

My husband and I had so much fun at the beach. Just being us and not afraid of what people might say. Being us is fun! I am so lucky to find a guy as lovely, romantic, funny and happy go lucky as my husband. Nothing fake. What you see is what you get! What you don't see is his to keep! I don't mind! Hihii.. I love this chubby guy so much!

When building sand castles are too mainstream, build a submarine! Hahaa.. Can you see my submarine? I got a big laugh when I showed my husband my submarine. Not the whole submarine, only the top, the rest are still in the water. Hahaha..

Whenever we were at the beach, we always talk about our future. What are we going to do about our future. What are our plans for our future. What, how, when, where? All those questions came out. He's trying his best and I'm trying my best. The rest is in God's hand. I know there's a lot of things on his mind, the things that he want to do, to achieve, to be somebody! Good luck hubby!

I will always be there for you!

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