Friday, 9 October 2015

Street Art : Kampung Cina Kuala Terengganu


New attraction in Kuala Terengganu. Kalau lalu Kuala Terengganu jangan lupa singgah Kampung Cina. Menarik! Kalau nampak tanglung bergantungan di atas kepala, you are at the right place. Hihii..

Transforming back alley into street art places is now a trend. Good for attracting tourists and beautifying the city. It can also create the feeling of safety to those using the alleys. No more scary alleys! I've told you about Turtle Alley, now lets take a look at other famous alleys in Kampung Cina!

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First, find the red phone booth in Kampung Cina. Fefeeling London sikit! Hahaa.. When you are in this alley, there are a lot of elements and backgrounds for you to take pictures. Love the cartoon and vintage signage backgrounds. There's also a wishing well back there. Ada yang campak coins kat dalam perigi tu. Jangan percaya yang bukan-bukan ya! Cukup untuk suka-suka. Tak perlu buat hajat dan kemudian campak duit, membazir. Hihii.. Ask from the One and only, Yang Maha Esa!

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I really love this 'payung' alley or 'payang' lane. So beautiful! We had so much fun and took a lot of pictures at the alley. Get to meet Marilyn Monroe and Micheal Jackson here. Hahaa.. Jealous of my sister's photo with P Ramli in it. That was a recent visit of them to Kampung Cina. A lot more art have been added.

#batikalley #batiklane #batik

Batik alley is nice too! Very colourful. If you look up, you'll see patches of batik hanged over your head. On the wall there's a big and beautiful batik painting.

#waulane #waualley #wau #kite

Negeri Pantai Timur is famous for Wau Bulan. Here in Kampung Cina there's a wau alley. Look up and you'll find the wau bulan. 

#lovelocklane #lovelockalley #lovelock #manggacinta #love #lock

Asalnya Love Lock orang gantung pada railing jambatan dan kemudian anak kuncinya dicampak ke dalam sungai di bawah. Couples clamped padlocks to the railings as tokens of their desire to be “locked in love forever.” But recently, one of the famous love lock bridge, the Pont des Arts in Paris, the love locks have been removed from bridges. Berat sangat! Colapse! They were replaced by temporary panels covered of graffiti. Huhuu.. 

Here in Kampung Cina you can do the love lock thing too! There's a railing for you to put your love lock. Where to throw the key? Go to the Jambatan Sultan Mahmud and throw the key into Terengganu River. Hihii.. 

I hate the mentality of some people, when they were supposed to write their names on the padlock but yet they wrote their names on the walls. Buruk mata memandang! Huhuu.. Not to forget, you can buy the 'mangga cinta' for RM10 or you can bring your own padlock.

Yang pasti banyak lagi yang menarik untuk dilawati dan diambil gambar. My informer my sister lives in Kuala Terengganu. From time to time I got updates of interesting places from her.

 She showed me her vespa..

I went for this vespa!

And one photo that I really like be in is a photo with this butterfly. I wanna make this exact pose by Amiry! Next visit it is.

Do visit Kampung Cina Kuala Terengganu and have fun strolling along the alleys there while eating keropok losong!

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