Sunday, 11 October 2015

Haze Mask for Kids

Protect yourself and protect your loved ones from the haze.

...and this is how my friend Haneem protect her daughter during the heavy haze. Too cute little Mia Ixara! Hahaa..

It's been raining almost everyday lately. I hope there's an improvement in the air quality. The sky is getting clearer. Bad haze bad air please go away.

People are talking about the importance of N95 but it is too plain and comes in standard size! Too big for little kids. I found several people selling custom made haze mask, but the masks from these two Igers are the most interesting, sewwhattini and sweetncozy2u.

According to sewwhattini, the mask is made from soft 100% cotton, and lined with premium flannel. Soft and breathable. Cool and cute cute patterns to choose from. Cute superhero or cartoon characters for the lil ones, plain or printed for yourself. It is washable and definitely reusable.

Image source : sewwhattini - Father and son superhero masks.

Image source : sewwhattini - Mother and daughter matchy masks.

Image source : sewwhattini

No more over-sized masks for the kids. Suitable for hijabis because it has back adjustable string.  Like Fatini Zulnaidi the owner of sewwhattini said, when you need to wear it, wear it with style! From the look of it, the mask covers your face quite neatly! Need to buy one for myself in case the haze comes back. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan, sediakan topeng muka sebelum jerebu menyerang kembali! Hihii..

The mask comes in 3 sizes :

3-5 years old
6-12 years old

*Babies below 3 years old is not recommended to use the mask to avoid SID and the mask should be use under parents supervision. A reminder from sewwhattini, stop wearing if you feel difficulty in breathing, wash the mask frequently to ensure good hygiene and also the mask should not be shared.

 Image source : sewwhattini

A lot of printed patterns to choose from! But poor little Mia, you are too little to wear mask I guess. Huhuu.. 

Another IG, sweetncozy2u, the physical design of their mask is different from sewwhattini's design. Sweetncozy2u's design is more like a surgical mask. The printed patterns are cute and the mask also washable and reusable.

Image source : sweetncozy2u 

Get your custom made haze mask and don't forget to visit their IGs to get more information!

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