Wednesday, 1 February 2017

My Latte Quest : Rimba & Rusa



Rimba & Rusa by Wondermilk
D-GF-01, Ground Floor, 
2, Jalan PJU 5/14, Sunway Nexis,
47810 Kota Damansara, 

Operating Hours:
Saturday 4pm - 11pm
Sunday 8am - 11pm
Monday 8am - 11pm
Wednesday 8am - 11pm
Thursday 8am - 11pm
Friday 8am - 11pm

Closed on Tuesday


I am still with my quest, My Latte Quest! I ordered a cup of hot latte and I got a cute little bear in my cup. My Latte Quest adalah untuk menghiburkan hati sahaja. Taste wise tak reti pun. Minum saja! HIHII..  

Nampak tak kegigihan di situ. HAHAA.. Excited lebih!

Suka sangat Rimba & Rusa ni. Cantik!!

I may not be able to travel to all the beautiful places my friends have gone to travel, maybe not yet, but I'll treasure all the beautiful places around me. The beautiful and unique cafes I've been are my treasures!

My delicious Suka Dukkah Meatballs! Yummehh.. Harganya RM24.00. Latte pulak RM12.00. Sekali sekala apa salahnya kan makan yang fancy sikit. HIHII.. Reward untuk diri sendiri. 

Alin ordered Charred Pineapple Roast Chicken and Pink Passionfruit Sparkle. Eh lupa plak harganya, maap maap! Memang fail bab review, just nak share experience jer! Jangan marah!

Everyday is Sunday. 1 February 2017 = Wednesday = Hari Wilayah = Sunday for Alin, and esok kena kerja! Last day untuk berjimba after cuti panjang sempena Chinese New Year hari tu. For me memang everyday is Sunday sampaikan bila cuti penting pun tak tahu. Haishh..

Love every details about Rimba & Rusa. Thank you Rimba & Rusa for the lovely experience!

My Latte Quest:
Cafe Latte ~ checked!


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