Sunday, 4 October 2015

JJCM @ Restoran Ikan Bakar Kukup


Lot 5473 Jalan Dusun Muda,
15200 Kota Bharu,

Opens from Monday to Sunday
5:00pm to 1:00am

This restaurant serves mainly ikan bakar, seafood and masakan panas. But one thing that make it famous is its ABC. So good! The taste is so nice. Sweet but not too sweet. I like it a lot! I usually came here after we had dinner somewhere else. Hihii.. Just to have ABC and a little snack. A nice place for family and friends to gather and chit chatting over ABC. But for those who easily gets frustrated over finding parking space, you shouldn't come because finding an empty space to park could take forever.

This is the best ABC so far. No other place could challenge ABC Kukup. As for now. If you know one, feel free to give me a suggestion. 

Mine as always the ABC Special, 3 colours and ice cream on top. Yummilicious! Green for pandan, red for syrup and yellow for corn. You can choose to have a single flavor or double or triple. One more famous flavor is chocolate. Superb!!

Saya yang suka makan juga, semestinya sangat teruja dengan perasa jagung. Hihii.. 

Ikan bakar and masakan panas are good but a bit pricey. During fasting month, they also serve 'colek'. Sotong celup tepung, udang celup tepung, colek malah, keropok and anything that can be dip in sauce. My favourite is pulut durian. But it's very seasonal. No durian season, no pulut durian.

I've tried ABC at other places such as at Jati Corner and Sate Malaysia but they weren't as good as ABC Kukup. At least not to my taste.

My husband said the same thing. The ABC here are the best! He came here twice already and never disappointed about the ABC. Good job to ABC crews for making the ABC taste so good! Hihii..


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