Tuesday, 13 October 2015

London Weight Management

Last Friday I went to London Weight Management at The Curve Damansara for a free treatment. Hihii.. I got the free voucher from participating in an online survey. I was aiming for the RM1000 Tesco Voucher but got London Weight Management instead. It said that the free treatment was worth RM499. Never been to one so I don't know how or what that price worth.

Jangan period dan pastikan ada masa 3 jam untuk treatment!

3 hours for treatment? No. The truth is, only 2 hours for treatment. Another hour was for consultation and persuasion. Hahaa.. The persuasion method was so long and frustrating. Makes me wanna get up and leave. They just don't understanding the meaning of 'No thank you', 'I just want the free treatment', 'I don't want to spend any money', 'I promise my husband not to spend' and so on. I have to make a lot of excuses because I just don't want to end up paying or upgrading the voucher or joining their membership what so ever! No thank you! 

My view during treatment. Try to persuade me subconsciously. Hahahaa..

Out of a sudden my voucher have another RM300 that I can redeem during the 3 hour session that day! Hahaa.. so funny! To use that RM300 I need to join the 5 times session which actually costed RM636. So instead of paying the total RM636, I just need to pay RM336. Aduhai korang punya marketing. HAHAHA.. Itu kisah selepas dah buat treatment.

Ini pula kisah sebelum treatment yang memakan masa selama sejam lebih. Bengang betul tapi muka kena la manis sebab nak treatment free kan. Hahaha..

My consultant kept on persuading me to buy the thing called ampoules so I could upgrade my treatment to full treatment. At first the price was rm200, but because of my first time I get 50% so I just need to pay RM100. She kept on saying the ampoules will give the best results. And I kept on saying NO. She said she wanted to set up the room and the machine but came back saying that someone bought extra ampoules and she wanted to sell it for RM45. What?! I DON'T WANT IT!! Hahaa..

My treatment includes:
Lavender Sauna
Lavender Scrub
Infrared Blanket
EMS machine (I think)

That EMS was supposed to be the one that I was supposed to pay for upgrade. I didn't know how I get it or maybe I just didn't understand her explanation. Hahaha.. She even gave me the ampoules. Dalam hati, alamak ni mesti kena bayar lepas ni. Huhuu..

Amboi panjang lebar complaint. Perasaan tak puas hati sebab cakap free, so free la. Hahaa.. I know this is marketing, inilah cara nak dapatkan customer. Apa-apa pun, London Weight Management memang bagus, boleh kurus! Dah bayar mahal confirmla dapat service terbaik!

First session yang free turun 1 kg! Alhamdulillah.. free!

Yang ini pun free juga. Yayy!!

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