Wednesday, 30 September 2015

JJCM @ Restoran Kapal Terbang


Exit Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra,
Lundang, Kota Bharu,

Tel No : 013-3430565

Just heard about the restaurant a few days after Raya Haji. New attraction in town. Mom said that my aunt went there once and they ended up paying RM100++ for their meal for two. Wow!!

Tidak salah sekiranya mencuba benda baru, mencuba makanan di restoran baru. We were 50/50 on the decision whether to have our dinner at the restaurant or find some other place. Our last minute decision, 'lets go try it out!'.

The restaurant is located along the main road. The plane on top of the building was easily spotted. Jockey service was provided and we were greeted and welcomed by the crews. I said to myself 'amboi!'. Hahaa.. My first thought, 'why so many waiters and waitresses standing around?'

The place is quite elegant with all the lights, chandelier, and white seats. RM5,000,000.00 to setup the restaurant and the plane on the roof itself costed RM100,000.00. Read it here. From what I heard this place was always 'full house' before the incident, restoran disita oleh MPKB. The incident was in July, maybe not many people knew about the re-opening. 

About the menu, the physical condition of the menu, blurghh.. Plain white A4? Where's the elegance in that? Hihii.. As expected, the food are pricey. Double the price out there. Fiuhh! Nak cuba punya pasal, order sajalah. I don't know if adding the word 'RKT' to the list of the food would give a difference in taste!

We didn't go for the special menu as suggested because they were out of our budget. Well, tak berbaloi nak berbelanja beratus-ratus hanya untuk makan. Enough for us to order something we are familiar with and judge the taste. Hihii..

The tomyam (RM10.00) tasted tomyam, nothing out of the ordinary, the telur bungkus (RM9.00) tasted better at other Thai restaurants, the ayam padprik (RM10.00) was not ayam but tulang, and sotong celup tepung (RM10.00)? 'Worst' said my husband. The tepung was tasteless. Sotong celup tepung at Bamboo Garden which was 5 minutes away from the place was far more tasty and cheap!

If the basic menus were just average in taste, what more to expect?

Cukup sekali ini sahaja! Bak kata my aunty and uncle "Kami dah terkena!"


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