Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My Top Ten Igers

The one reason I haven't been posting for quite a while because I am having so much fun posting pictures on my Instagram skylarkrose. And also having fun becoming a stalker on Instagram. Hahaa..

I envy those instagrammers or igers who have their own style of posting. So in love with their pictures. I wish that mine are as good as theirs, but I have to face it, theirs are far way better than mine. I don't even have specific theme. (-_-)'

These are my Top Ten Instagrammers #igers


I don't know if I have an OCD or not but I really love organized things. I fell head over heels when I came across Micheal Zee's IG. It started by accident with one perfect, symmetrical breakfast for two that went viral. One day Michael Zee made breakfast and he laid it out an omelette, avocado, salami and fruit juice, it was perfectly symmetrical. He took a photo and posted it online, and soon attracted a lot of comments from friends who thought it was cute. Yes, they are really cute and I like them a lot! A lot of people have been following and using the symmetrybreakfast hashtags but not as pretty and symmetrical as Micheal Zee's.

No 2. findfarah

I started following findfarah's IG when I came across her quotednails hashtag. I found it really cute where she took a picture of her lovely nails pressing on page with lines and some quotes. Her handwriting is seriously lovely for a doctor. They can be read quite clearly. Hahaa.. Then I found out about her OCD and Organic hashtags. OMG I love them! When she cooks or bakes the ingredients will be arranged nicely before she starts cooking or baking. Love love love those pictures!

No 3. zynp

If you love flowers and fruits decorated in such lovely ways especially in flatlays, you sure gonna love Zynp kind of style because I do. I like them so much. I love pictures with coffee cup and flowers in it. Makes the coffee looks so delicious Never thought rearranging flowers, petals, leaves, sliced fruits could look so much fun! You'll come across a lovely hashtag that says zynpdiary which had quotes in them. Don't forget the zynpcoffee and zynpsq hashtags because the pictures are so lovely!

No 4. Rodrigo R.

Rodrigo seems like a guy who reads a lot because he always features open books, a cup of coffee, pencils, reading glass and all. His flatlays are very interesting in vintage kind of style. I also love his hashtag the nonsense bike. They make no sense at all but I like them anyway. Hahaa..


I love to travel but I don't have a lot of money to travel the world. Hahahaa.. Malaysia is enough for now. My hashtag should be #girleatmalaysia. Well there are already people using that hashtag. I love going through Girleatworld gallery. Hand, food and beautiful places on the background. The food doesn't have to be an expensive one, a sandwich from the backpack is enough as long as the magnificent view on the background is captured. Girleatworld enjoyed local delicacies very much. It can be guidance for those who wants to the places she went. She also featured #girleatworld or #boyeatworld from friends.

No 6. reaz_one


This guy is amazing and of course so talented. Sketches, doodles or what ever people call them, they are beautiful. He tells story through his art. Recipes, traditional foods, childhood, cultures. I love them because I too experience the story he tells. Do check out his gallery!

No 7. yotte


Dayot was my junior in high school. Didn't really know her well but I like he IG very much. She lives in Japan. She cooks, she bakes, berkebun and she travels. She has two children who became the subjects in her photos. Cute boys!

No 8. dayotskitchen




Dayotskitchen is actually Yotte's IG account too. She made this especially for her recipes, cooking, baking and all about food. You can ask her for recipes. She's a great cook. So jealous!! I love her pancakes but never tasted them. They look so yummy. Checkout her dayotskitchen_bentocikabe hashtag! Bekal untuk suaminya yang cute. But if I am to prepare bento for my cik abe, that amount of rice and that amount of lauk?? Hihii..

No 9. cafe_no_ma

I like the concept, "Time with a cup of coffee at home". Lovely flatlays! I love onthetable hashtag. I wish I am a good cook so that i can prepare lovely breakfast for my husband. I'll do my best! :)

No 10. hailwarjunit

some of my favourites

This crazy friend of mine likes to run a lot! Hahaa.. She's into the marathon, half marathon, full marathon sort of thing. I don't know where she gets all those energy but one thing for sure she likes to travel. I envy her! Marathon takes her to many beautiful places. And she definitely had skills of taking beautiful pictures. Arghh.. jealous!!

So these are my top 10! Do check them out!

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