Monday, 14 September 2015

JJCM @ Me'nate Steak Hub

How to order your steak at Me'nate?


We 'village people' don't eat steak. We eat daging masak kicap, daging kari, daging rendang and daging singgang. Hahaa.. But when people keep talking about Me'nate, expensive yet delicious, we wanna try it too! Their specialty is of course steak! 

Frankly, I don't eat steak! My husband too! Sehati sejiwa. I don't like thick meat because it'll taste meat! I'll eat those thin sliced meat because tak rasa sangat kelembuannya. Hahaa.. My husband doesn't eat steak because he cannot stand the red juice coming out of the meat. Even if it's well done! We are so 'village people'.

The only person who ate steak that night was my sister. Others went for their pastas. Her steak was well done and I tried to taste it, yet I still couldn't stand rasa kelembuan daging. That piece of steak was RM60++. Daging paling murah yang ada malam tu. 

I know nothing about steak or which part of meat taste good, but my friends keep mentioning about WAGYU. People who knows about meat will surely go for it. Bila tengok harga.. Hamboii!! 

The pastas were good but a bit pricey! Nothing special about the pastas. The taste were the same as any other places with cheaper price. 

And because we managed to order 1 steak, we get free drinks. Boleh refill! If we ordered only pastas, we have to pay for the drinks.

Me'nate is recommended for those who like steak very much. A nice experience for us but to come back here? Maybe not.. Jangan marah..

A question from my husband, 'Kenapa datang makan sini kalau semua orang tak makan steak? Baik pergi kedai lain yang pastanya lagi sedap!' 

The answer, 'Saje Ma nak merasa makan kat kedai mahal. Nanti balik kampung boleh beritahu jiran, dah makan dah kat Me'nate.' Hihii..

Go and try the steak! Selamat JJCM!

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