Tuesday, 15 September 2015

JJCM @ Kocok d'Nyior Cafe


Lot 304, Jalan Sri Cemerlang,
Kota Bharu,
(berhampiran Kopitiam Kita)

Based only on the price, for me they were a bit pricey. The only reasonable price was the tea. Other drinks I can get them at cheaper price elsewhere. Mashaallah..

This Pulut Pauh Aiskrem costed RM8.00. The only part yang sedap adalah mangga. The combination added nothing special. 

Mango + plain glutinous rice + plain coconut milk + vanilla flavored ice cream. Tiada rasa lemak manis dari pulut atau santan. Colorful sprinkles on top tu sangat tidak gemar. Mengganggu rasa! 

My beef soup taste so weird. Far from delicious. Horrible!! Couldn't even finish my lunch. I am being sincere so that the cafe can improve.

The only element that I like about this cafe was the murals. The paintings on the walls quite awesome. Kudos to the painters!

The main actor; the Coconut Shake was an epic fail. If you are expecting the taste of Klebang's Coconut Shake, I am sorry to disappoint you, it's not! Arghh.. They have seven flavors of ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, yam and the rest I couldn't remember. The 'shake' without the ice cream tasted weird. Masam. Adding the strawberry ice cream was even weirder taste. Should stick to vanilla only!

Overall, 'maha supo bedil' and the taste? Balik rumah masuk 'jambe'! Sakit perut.

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