Friday, 18 September 2015

JJCM Raja Karipap


Medan Ikan Bakar (M.I.B),
Kedai Buloh, Kota Bharu,
(Near Warung Pak Mat Pulau Pisang)

The curry puffs are prepared at the stall. So the customers can taste the curry puff while it is still hot. So good!

RM1.00 is quite cheap because the curry puffs are big in size. Ala-ala Karipap IKEA. The similarity between both, ada telur rebus di dalam. Have not eaten IKEA's curry puffs quite a long time. Some said that the size is getting smaller and instead of using chicken egg, they use telur puyuh.

The Karipap Raja's fillings are nice but I preferred IKEA's more. The pastry is different too. I like IKEA's because they are more crunchy! Overall, Raja Karipap is not bad at all.

Boleh lah lepaskan rindu pada Karipap IKEA sementara berada di kampung halaman.

That day, we managed to buy 10 curry puffs although we already ate our breakfast.

After Teh Tarik Madu and Sup Ikan at Warunh Pak Mat, don't forget to buy Raja Karipap!

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