Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Picnic at Pantai Sri Tujuh


Jalan Pantai Tujuh,
16200 Tumpat,

My favorite activities : picnicking, sky gazing and cloud gazing. 

Memorable place for me and husband. The first time we've been here, it was during my sister's wedding and it was the first time ever he followed me to Kelantan to meet my parents. This was the place where he said that he made up his mind about me. Hihii.. I love you hubby!

Always love this place. My mom and arwah Abah always brought us here for picnics when we were kids. On my wedding day, we had our outdoor photo shoots here. When my friends came, I brought them here. I always came back to this place. 

It is also a good place for my kesayangan to do some exercises. Hihii..

Love love love jagung bakar! Could have this all day. Keropok lekor, fishballs, hotdogs too! 

Something new to try, Aiskrim Tembikai! Watermelon Ice Cream cakap omputih.  RM5.00 for 5 scoops of vanilla ice cream, watermelon chunks, nata de coco, corn, nuts and pulut. Marvelous taste! I like it a lot. Yummeh... There were also aiskrim kelapa pandan, aiskrim nenas and aiskrim mangga. I would try all of them if weren't for all the keropok lekor and jagung I've eaten earlier. Maybe next time! 

We didn't get to go for holidays a lot. Not even to the nice places overseas like everybody does. But we are making the best of what we had in front of us. We find happiness in each other.

My kind of happiness : the beach, the ocean and the love of my life!

Nak mandi, takut sebab ombak besar! Jadi kami main kat tepi-tepi macam dua ekor dugong terdampar. Sekali ombak tolak, sekali kami tergolek. Hahaa..

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